What in a Name for an project?

For me, the importance of the name of an art project should help the viewer relate to their life experiences.

Shovel’s End

In the end your want your art to speak to the person and the very best way to help them with that experience in my opinion is tying it to their life experiences or learned knowledge. Help them get past the perceptual defenses everyone puts up to stop the thousands of messages aimed at them throughout the day. If your art’s name ties into the persons life experiences it will help them see the message in your art – even if it is “art for art’s sake” only.

Sharing your specials places….Astoria Fishing Fleet

During this season of sharing, I am introducing my “Image Oregon” videos in which I will share the places I’ve gone to create still and video images of Oregon. Hopefully someday you will get to visit Oregon and these will give you an idea of what you can expect as an artist visiting Oregon for inspiration.

Here is one that focuses on the Astoria fishing fleet:

Photography as Art

Photography as art is now an accepted premise by the art world. Yet many photographers reject the use of tools which can be used to refine images into art.

High Dynamic Range as a art tool

High Dynamic Range as a art tool

When I choose an image to be an art image I often use various tools to change the texture, enhance color or even modify elements of the image. Sometimes as in this example I exaggerate tonal rangers and contrast so that details become a key to defining what I want the image to say. In this case I was trying to impart a holiday color to leaves that gave them meaning as a second chance to impact those who saw them.